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Massachusetts Association of Health Underwriters (MassAHU) has organized this web site to answer commonly asked questions on how the Health Reform Act affects both employers and individuals. With all the questions and uncertainties surrounding healthcare reform, the health insurance agent’s role has become increasingly important.

Independent agents provide continued guidance on the complexity of the rating and underwriting rules in the merged market and also have the resources to address COBRA, S125, HIPAA and other qualifying events. In addition, agents annually review the wide array of available choices to determine the best value for employees and employers.

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Latest Revised Updates.....

Under the Massachusetts Health Reform Act, there are:
  • New Filing Regulations: Quarterly FSC reports and payments due:
      • First Report and Payment by February 15th
      • Second Report and Payment by May 15th
      • Third Report and Payment by August 15th
      • Fourth Report and Payment by November 15th
  • 2009 DUA Fair Share Contribution filing requirements

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